The Other Random Photo Gallery of Fun!


Then! Now!

She looks the same.


Probably the reason IÕm here.

Pop was in the Navy from Õ44 to Õ46.


Kids with their aunt and uncle.

The only ones theyÕve got. TheyÕre the best.


You-know-whoÕs motorcycle.

Imperial War Museum. Nice bike.


Yes, thatÕs me with Israel Finkelstein and Oded Liphshits

Megiddo, Õ94.


The Esse Family, Tel Yaqush, 1991.

Laverne, Anne, Allison, Joseph and Doug.


One of the three known pictures of my mother pregnant with me

I think I could see the polka dots from where I was sitting.


The famous Hallote/Joffe Megiddo wedding cake.

Schematics in chocolate.


Looking smooth there Pop

I still canÕt tie a bowtie.


Me and my sister.

Note the headlines on the newspaper.


My sister and my father.

The Breakwater Beach Club, Long Branch.


Me and my father.

The ancestral couch, now in my office.


A boy and his beach.

Sam, Long Branch.


Brodsky/Dessel and Hallote/Joffe at a Druze wedding, 1991.

Boy, were we all young.


Was Duff inside? WeÕll never know.

Baltimore, 2010.


The kids with my aunt Hazel.

We miss her.